For the past 23 years, BecomingHuman.org has helped to enlighten and educate thousands of teachers, students, and the community of life-long learners about the science of how human life developed on Earth. Our mission is to provide a wide spectrum of information on discoveries in the field, the emergence of modern humans in Africa and subsequent migrations, human adaptation to a changeable planet, human uniqueness and cumulative culture, genetic inquiry, and what studying nonhuman primates helps us understand how our cooperative behaviors developed.

We are proud to partner with the scientific community of experts across the spectrum of human origins scientists affiliated with Arizona State University’s Institute of Human Origins to ensure the highest level of scientific understanding presented within this website.

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BecomingHuman.org was created in 2000 with generous funding from the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation and won a “Webby” award in 2002 for science websites and mobile sites. In striving for the top technology and design, you are viewing the third version of the original website.

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